Testing & Evaluation

Gifted Testing – Cost varies depending upon the instrument used to conduct the assessment. Testing is conducted using standardized measures of intellectual assessment. The evaluation consists of a brief interview with the child and caregiver. Following this interview, an appropriate evaluation instrument will be chosen and testing will be completed, typically in one session. Reports are provided within one week of completion of testing at a follow-up session where results are explained and recommendations are discussed.

Psycho-educational and Psychological Testing consist of:

1. Clinical Interview – 1 hour – Interview with client and caregiver, it client is a minor, behavioral observations, and clarification of the reason for referral. At the conclusion of this appointment, Kinsler Psychology will provide an estimate of the evaluation cost.

2. Direct Testing –conducted over 1-4 sessions – Standardized test instruments, projective tasks and questionnaires are administered to the client and/or caregiver.

3. Consultation and Collaborative Information – variable hours – Review of records, consultation with school personnel and other professionals and off-site observations.

4. Scoring, Interpretation and Report Writing – 2-6 hours – Information obtained from the clinical interview, direct testing and collaboration and consultation is scored and interpreted. This information is then compiled into a report that includes recommendations.

5. Feedback – 1 hour – 3 to 3 1/2 weeks following the completion of the evaluation and receipt of collaborative information, a feedback session is held where results and recommendations are discussed. A copy of the report is provided.

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