What to do When Quarantined

We asked some of our clinicians for tips on how to stay sane and take control of our mental health when we’ve been stuck inside all day; and then this lovely infographic was born!

Some other tips that we were given were:

“Puzzles, journaling, and starting a new series on Netflix.” – Dr. Jones

“Gratitude journaling, biking, gardening, writing a thank you letter to those of service or find a way to your community…learn a new talent.” – Dr. Young

“Definitely nature and sunshine if done so appropriately (with social distance and probably sunscreen). Establish a routine and as much structure as possible. Try to limit alcohol/other substances (including food) to cope. Oh and only check the news 1-2x daily! This can be hugely anxiety provoking. And as always…Gratitude, gratitude,gratitude! Don’t forget to breathe.” – Dr. Taylor

“Many shelters and animal rescuers are limiting intakes of pets and need fosters at this time. Volunteering in this way can help the community but can also provide a lovable companion.” – Dr. Vaccaro